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You can tell a lot about someone from the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping.

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1. Drive My Car - The Beatles

2. Say 18 - The Matches

3. Strange Sensations - Anitek

4. The Meek Shall Inherit - Little Shop of Horrors

5. Island of Clockwork Dancers - PK Jazz Collective

6. Star Scat - Caravan Palace

7. Jamelia - Bonjay

8. Tell Me What You See - The Beatles

9. Know Your Name - The Cat Empire

10. Late - The Spinto Band

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Filed under I AM SAD THAT SOME DIDN'T MAKE THE LIST i mean for serious if i have a band's entire discography in my library then i expect at least one of their tracks to make the list despite shuffling lol tally hall steam powered giraffe muse ok go they might be giants jukebox the ghost cake daft punk juanitos

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I’m planning what to pack for Wyoming. I was considering some sexy wedges, basically like club shoes, even though I’m not sure what we’ll be doing next weekend.

Then he tells me it’s snowing at his house right now and I’m going to be there on Thursday. I rescind my open toe shoe offer.

i mean you can bring your wedges if you want but yeah in wyoming it basically snows from october until june

here in michigan i’ve always heard the saying “don’t like the weather? wait an hour” (sometimes half hour)

then when i first moved to wyoming people there told me to wait “five minutes” hahaaaa